FOOEY! - 8 FL.OZ. 

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[ Fooey!  -  8 fl.oz. - CW110007 ]
Fooey! - 8 fl.oz.
Product Code: CW110007
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Fooey! is an odorless, colorless spray that is used to train chinchillas not to chew. It can be sprayed on furniture, electrical wires, walls, plants, or wherever you don't want your chin to chew. It is totally harmless to your chin.

Fooey! claims to be "The Most Bitter Stuff on Earth". We've tasted Fooey! and we wouldn't disagree with that claim. Take our word for it, this stuff tastes simply AWFUL! In fact, it's about ten times stronger than Bitter Apple.

Most of the reports we've received on Fooey! say that it works quite well. Although, we have received a couple of reports about chins who actually like the taste of this stuff. Therefore, we can only tell you that Fooey! will probably work well for you, but there is a chance that it may not.