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Small Chin Box (Chin House)

Small Chin Box (Chin House)Quantity in Basket: none
Code: CW060001

Whether you call it a house, a nest box, a hide-a-way, or whatever, a chinchilla needs a box. Our chin boxes not only provide a chin with a secure place to sleep, they also provide something to climb up onto and, probably most importantly, they provide a chin with something safe to chew on. As you know, chinchillas must constantly chew in order to keep their teeth worn down to a proper length. What makes our chin boxes superior to others is that they contain NO NAILS OR SCREWS.

All of our chin boxes are made with thick, long lasting 3/4" unfinished pine. The boards are joined together using FDA approved non-toxic glue and wooden biscuits. As a result, our chin boxes are very strong, but more importantly, they contain no metal that can chip a tooth. And, as the wood is chewed down, there are no exposed nails or screw heads to snag the chin as it jumps onto and off of the box.

Each chin box requires cutting many slots to hold the wooden biscuits. It is more expensive and takes longer to build a box this way, but it's worth it. We leave both ends open so that the chin can come and go with ease. Also, being open on both ends makes it easier to clean the box as well.

Our chin boxes are available in four different sizes: Our chin boxes are available in four different sizes:

  • SMALL - - Most suitable for juveniles and small adults.
  • SINGLE - - Most suitable for a single adult.
  • DOUBLE - - Comfortable for two adults.
  • FAMILY - - Room for an entire family, including the kids.
Chin Boxes
Here are the dimensions of each size:
SMALL5"5 1/2"8"
SINGLE5 1/2"7"9 1/2"
DOUBLE5 1/2"8 3/4"9 1/2"
FAMILY7"9 1/29 1/2"

Note: We try to keep a small number of each size in stock and ready to ship. However, please don't be surprised if we inform you that there will be a 2 or 3 day delay if we need to build one for you. (It takes at least 24 hrs. for the glue to dry.)

Customer Reviews Add Your Review

Multi-use Box
01/08/2008 - by Gina from Los Angeles, CA US
Love this high quality wood box for my chin. She loves to sleep, jump, eat and take poos on top. Sometimes she tends to pee in it (absorbs a little) but you can sand it down and reuse it.

Sleep in it, sleep on it, jump from it, eat it
04/22/2007 - by Elizabeth from unspecified
Pepper loves his Chin House! For one thing, it's a nice thing for him to stand on. (We have grass mats and towels, but I think he really likes the smoothness of the wood). He sleeps in it, on it, he uses it to jump from one level of his house to another, and he chews on it. If only our own homes were so versatile. I bought him a "double" even though I only have him, because he's a big male, and I'm glad I made that choice because he likes being able to turn around easily in it to go out the other side. For my mom's chinchilla, I am buying the normal single, because he's more a snug-home lover.

The last thing I'll say is that you can tell these boxes are made with loving care; they are sanded, smooth, and carefully joined. I recommend them to anybody!